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Computerised Negotiation
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Computerised Negotiation

An automated negotiation protocol defines the rules of the bargaining between Automated Agents – for example a negotiation between Buyer(s) and Seller(s).

TIGA Technologies protocols would permit an unlimited number of rounds of offers and counters-offers, with offers being either commitments or cheap talk. We consider possible downsides to the adoption of a more restricted protocol: might Buyer(s) or Seller(s), or both, get worse outcomes with a more restricted protocol than with a more general bargaining protocol.

TIGA Technologies methodology and algorithms could be built to aid the users in carrying out their tasks in 2 mains situations:

1. Adversarial condition which requires Adversarial Problem Solving, e.g.

  • Business/Corporate Strategy,
  • Military Strategy

2. Cooperation through negotiation strategy, e.g.

  • Computerized Personal Assistant,
  • Routing of Telecommunication Network,
  • Distribution of Electricity in Electrical Grids,
  • Air Traffic Controlling,
  • Electronic Service Management and Communication Networks.

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